Web Services Information

Ravens Bard Studio prides ourselves on giving our clients a website that they are looking for. We build new sites or, if you already have a website, we can redsign it for you. We will also make your site responsive on all mobile devices. Our pricing is competitive and we are more than willing to work within your budget.

We do a free initial meeting to determine the scope of project to figure out what the client is looking for. The most important part of this initial meeting is what we call the AIA (Audience, Issues, and Approach). We charge $125 per hour and ask for 40% at the time of signing the contract. Either party may terminate the contract at halfway point. In the event this does happen, the 40% is non-refundable.

This AIA is where we talk with our client about who their Audiance is, what Issues or concerns about that group are, and how we will Approach those issue's via the website. The AIA helps us understand what the client feels the most important issues a given audiance may have. This also gives our clients the ablity to know what we are going to address as we go through the process of working together.

Our most important strength as a web development firm is to have open communication with our clients. We will give weekly updates to the client unless greater frequency is desired. These are typically emails, and live web logs and time accounting spreadsheets, with the potential to set up either an in person meeting or a phone meeting to discuss and show where the site is at in its current state.