About Our Team Members

Will FisherPartner/Designer

Will has been working in the industry for six years and is the knowledge base and driver of our studio. He keeps things rolling and generates new ideas everyday. Being our primary designer Will spends long hours lit by only his screen developing levels and working with our programmers, while Pat sleeps soundly, definitely the extrovert in our team. He is happy to stop and talk about gaming and is known for his good cooking; keeping the team fed and ready to go!

Patrick ComminsPartner/Administrator

Patrick was born and raised here in the Seattle area. He spends most of his time running around town meeting with clients and working in the background so the rest of the team can focus on our projects. He is our general go to guy who lives for doing different things every day. He wears many hats (literally & figuratively) here at Ravens Bard and can even be seen around town at events! If you catch glimpse of him around be sure to give him a chat.

Kyrrah NorkArt Director

Kyrrah earned his first AA degree and Graphic Design Certificate at Walla Walla Community College. While attending WWCC he worked as a Graphic Design TA for 3 years.

Kyrrah is a recent graduate of Seattle Central College's Programming AAS degree program and is currently working on his Application Development BAS at North Seattle College. In addition to his studies and work at Ravens Bard, he has been working as a Programming tutor & TA, and Web Dev TA at SCC for two years.

Zak BrinleeGame developer/Programmer

Zak is a Computer Programming graduate from Seattle Central College. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Application Development with plans to advance to a Masters degree. Zak has been in the IT industry for 5 years. His previous experience before school was a PM / Escalation Specialist & SME for Microsoft Partner Network. Although a non-technical role, Zak really enjoyed the vast amount of team collaboration and working on a global scale.

Zak pretty much code like a Wizard, he fights Balrogs(bugs) and he shoot lightning from his fingers like Raiden, and pray it works. Zak is passionate about group projects and team collaboration. He loves mobile app development and always interested in new programs and apps that will either make everyday life easier or will bring a smile unto the users face.

Gloria ZhangWeb Designer/ UX Designer

Xinhui Zhang, known as Gloria. She is a current student at Seattle Central College. She came to the U.S. in 2010, from China. She learned English in her first year in the states, then, she majored in fine arts and fashion, and now web design. After she graduated with fashion design, she did some retail work and realized where her true passion is. Gloria was happy to be introduced to web design, where she finally feels belong. Gloria's first website was her own website where she showcase all her art and web projects, her second website was the one she designed for Raven’s Bard. Part of her current job is to maintain this site.

Anu SlorahDeveloper

Anu is a junior developer. She focuses on android programming followed by C#, Java, PHP and web development. Her background in the detailed world of copyediting comes useful when tracking various bugs and syntax errors. She loves all languages, both manmade and spoken. Her mother tongue is Estonian but she is also fluent in Spanish.

After hours Anu is a fiber artist. She loves everything to do with natural fibers: she dyes yarn and fabric with natural foraged dyes; designs and carves stamps and woodblocks to print textile; and designs knitting and sewing patterns for personal use. Her artistry lies in the realm of natural, tactile, and functional.

Vanver BrownDeveloper

Vanver is currently a student at Seattle Central College studying computer programming and database development. Previously he attend Central Washington University where he received a bachelors in business administration with a focus on marketing.

Vanver is constantly looking for new challenges to help develop his programming skills, working out bugs is what he looks forward to because of the satisfaction when they are solved. When he's not sitting in front of the computer Vanver enjoys spending time with his wife on Capitol Hill or out in the mountains hiking.

Suzanne SilvisGraphic Desginer/Developer

My name is Suzanne Silvis and I was born in Brooklyn raised in long Island, New York. I moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington on a track scholarship. For 6 years after college I worked in graphic design and presently I'm a bar manager at a local music venue. I am attending Seattle Central and will be graduating with a Database and Programming certificate. My other hobbies are snowboarding, music (metal) and traveling.