Our Mission

Ravens Bard Studio is a web development studio that is committed to providing pre-graduation employment to up-and-coming students in general, with special consideration paid to formerly incarcerated individuals, in particular. Our firm is deeply committed to providing only the best customer service that we can.

Responsive Web Design

With our knowledge, that access to your site comes from numerous devices, we start with that in mind to ensure a seamless user experience, regardless of device.

Single & Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Your app will work with targeted devices to be usable by your audience.

Site Maintenance

We continually improve and maintain your project as technology advances.


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Equinox Publishing

Professional and peer-reviewed journals

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Miners Folly

Mobile Android Game

Giraffe Heroes

Stick your neck out.

Here's what our clients have to say…

They have proved themselves by the quality of their work and their very sincere wish to provide a reliable service.

Janet Joyce - Equinox Publishing

Thank you for the hard work rebuilding our site, and for finding and saving 35 years of hard work from being lost.

Ann Medlock - Giraffe Heroes

The professionalism and integrity of their leadership is remarkable. It gives me confidence going forward.

Deborah Espinosa - Living With Conviction

Our Evolution

It has been quite a journey.

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    Late 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Friends got together at Seattle Central College, putting all their skills together to develop a mobile application for the masses to enjoy. They created a team of driven individuals that shared a vision of the product they wished to develop.

  • birth of a company image

    April 2017

    Birth of a company

    Believing in a dream that two of the friends had as a vision for a company, on April 15, 2017 founders, Will Fisher and Kyrrah Nork, took a bold step into their future. They poured their savings into incorporating what is now known as Ravens Bard Studio LLC.

  • miners folly game image

    November 2017

    Miners Folly (Android Game)

    Miners Folly was our entrance into mobile applications. The concept was simple, you control the miner who has fallen down an endless shaft in his mine. Avoid the hazards that lurk within, as you fall!

  • full service image

    December 2017

    Transition to Full Service

    December 2017 brought new challenges as the teams skills improved. It was at this time that the decision was made to move into creating exciting and unique websites for clients, as well as providing mobile application development for new clients.

  • new direction image

    July 2018

    A New Direction

    Not forgetting what brought the group together, the company has since moved away from gaming and is now focused on application development. Employing some of the best and brightest, up and coming, developers in the Seattle colleges' IT programs, Ravens Bard is committed to giving back to a community that helped them on their journey.

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Our Team

We all come from different backgrounds but we all have these things in common, quality project development and problem solving!

Will Fisher

CEO / Owner / Developer

One of the founding members of Ravens Bard Studio LLC, Will worked for Nintendo and Microsoft with a focus in software engineering and game testing. He comes as a graduate from Seattle Central College with a focus on web development and mobile application development. Will's experience in Nintendos debug department is an asset to the company.

Kyrrah Nork

COO / Owner / Developer

Being one of the driving forces behind the development of the company, Kyrrah has been able to bring his experiences from an artistic background. A graduate for application development at North Seattle College Kyrrah has a diverse background in programming languages. While at school he tutored PHP, HTML, CSS, Python and gave lectures on how to get into tech field.

Vanver Brown

TD / Owner / Developer

Previously in marketing Vanver came to us with a specialty in database development. He studied web development and database development at Seattle Central College earning himself a certificate in both fields. Being someone that can focus on the task at hand and thinking outside the box Vanver can solve many issues that can be plaguing a client’s website or mobile applications.

Anu Slorah

Project Manager / Developer

Previously in copyediting, Anu Slorah is a front-end developer who is currently working on her BAS in Application Design at North Seattle College. Her attention to detail aids her in the eternal quest for seamless user experience.

Zak Brinlee

Project Manager / Developer

A former Microsoft Employee in the IT industry for 3 years. Zak has an expertise in mobile application development and project management. He has a passion and the drive to put out the best product possible for our clients.

Nick Bennett


Nick Bennett is an renissance man, with a passion for big data, law, and the environment. He can usually be found reading, gaming, or enjoying art. He is a graduate of the Application Development BAS program at North Seattle College.

Dan Micheli


Dan Micheli started at Seattle Central College in which he received a Certificate in Computer Programming. At the end of 2018 while at SCC and working with most of the Ravensbard Team as peers, he began working as an intern. His skills and enthusiasm for learning has landed him a position on our team.

Heather Poirer

System Networking

Heather is a network admin student at Seattle Central College, and she hopes to start working on her BAS by the end of the year. She specializes in behind the scene server work. She enjoys setting up and managing servers when she is not hanging out with her pet chickens and binge watching Netflix.

Jeff Reeder


Although Jeff graduated from San Francisco State in 2004 with a computer science degree he was on hiatus as A NASA Research Pilot until 2018 when he transitioned back to the Technology Field. His attention to detail and efficiency shine with our company with such a diverse background.

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